Art for me, is a gentle journey into love

- Debs Kay -

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Thanks so much for visiting. I am an English freelance artist & teacher now living in France - I simply love to paint, most often it is animals, our beautiful natural world & the young at heart that inspire me. My favourite medium is soft pastels - their intensity of colour, versatility and soft velvety look, for me, is beyond compare.

Creating art has brought such richness and depth to my life which I could never have imagined - here on my website I have originals artworks available, I also offer a commission service and have some lovely printed products - if you are interested in learning how to paint please scroll down or visit my online learning page - I would love share with you the joy of creating art.

Please take a look around & if you have any queries or would just like to say hello, please do get in touch I would love to hear from you..

just off the easel


I commissioned a picture of my Fudge, a lurcher who had recently passed away. Debs was brilliant, she kept in touch constantly sending me updates and took care with every detail making sure that it was correct. The finished picture was brilliant, so life like, showing Fudge in her favourite place by the sea.The picture can be seen on the web page, I have recommended Debs to many of my friends and relatives and I am commissioning another picture soon. Highly

Pat S

This piece has totally exceeded my expectations, I absolutely love it! It is a stunning artwork and the quality is excellent, the wise use of colours gives the painting so much realism and depth. I can't wait to have it framed. It was perfectly packaged for safe delivery. Deb is a wonderfully talented artist! Highly recommended.

Giada C

All her work is done with love - especially for animals and nature and it shows. Have seen some beautiful work of hers and am now the proud owner of a fabulous cushion and greeting card showing my beautiful boy - Tobykins - as featured by her. Want to add to my collection soon.

Gayle H

Amazing, Debs has a unique style and manner and creates astonishing pieces. She truly captures not only the image but also their spirit . A wonderful artist & teacher

Allison M

We bought one of her paintings the Moonlit Poppies Landscape, it was beautiful on the screen but in person it has thrilled us even more. With this artwork, Debs succeeds in conveying emotions such as peace and serenity, as if the viewer were actually in the depicted place, in that precise moment. Excellent quality! Many compliments.

Lorenzo C

Her art has depth and feelings you can study it and reminds you of the good things that have happened in the past with a warm and loving glow.

Paul A

would you like to learn

How To Paint With Pastels?

online learning

I have been painting with pastels & pastel pencils for just under 20 years now, and art has become so much more for me than I had ever anticipated, along with the pleasure of creating it has truly opened my eyes and has brought me pure joy – art quiets my mind and helps me to connect to somewhere truly beautiful, a still moment in time – she is my special friend who quietly waits for me to come and join her on a meandering and magical journey, sometimes the journey is a lesson to be learned, sometimes it is a rich and vibrant path, sometimes a soft and gentle one, sometimes it is fun and joyful, sometimes reflective and peaceful, but whatever journey she takes me on it is a journey into love – and art and my furry friends have been the best therapy in life anyone could have possibly wished for.

And so now my wish is to share this joy with you, share with you what I have learnt over the years and share some of the beautiful places and things I have painted – I hope to inspire you & encourage you to have a go! And so if you would like to join me in this wonderful world of learning to paint with pastels I have a few ways that you can do that - here on my website I have a growing collection of tutorials, courses & guides - I also offer critiques and one to one chats – if you like the idea of ongoing learning consider joining me on my Patreon page, where for an affordable, cancel or pause at any time monthly subscription fee I will be sharing ongoing in depth tutorials, demos, pdf guides, critiques and more.

So please have a look to see what suits you, your wishes and your lifestyle best - I do hope you will join me in some way in this meandering beautiful, colourful and therapeutic world of painting with pastels

prints & more...


Wherever you are I feel having things around you that create a positive feeling, can only be a good thing, so in addition to my original art & commissions, I am delighted to have teamed up with a group of talented printers and craftsmen to be able to offer my art to a wider audience by offering a lovely collection of high quality printed goodies.