commission an original painting

Commission a custom original pastel painting of a loved human, pet or a special memory for yourself or as an extra special gift - A painting that is created for you makes a wonderful reminder that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

I will paint an original painting from your photo in either pastels or if you prefer bright and fun watercolours. In all cases I use high quality, professional grade supplies and work with a combination of soft pastels and pastel pencils on either archival quality sanded paper or textured board. For watercolours I use heavyweight archival paper and high quality watercolour paints. All commissions are created by me personally and will be hand signed on both the front and back of the painting.

Each commission is individual and personal to you, so please contact me directly to discuss your requirements - I can then best advise you on size, composition, timing, any additional charges and what you can expect dependent on your reference images.

Alternatively if you already know the size of painting that you would like , please click here to take you to the commission section in my gift shop, where you can make your deposit payment, I will then get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.


The guide below is for an unframed painting and is priced by size for a single portrait of your pet or human on a simple background.







(8-12 weeks)

(4-6 Weeks)

(18 - 24 weeks)

6”x 6”

5”x 7”

145.00 €

95.00 €


7” x 7”

6” x 8”

195.00 €

140.00 €


8 “x 8”

7” x 9”

260.00 €

180.00 €


9” x 9”

8” x 10”

325.00 €

220.00 €

550.00 €

10” x 10”

9” x 12”

395.00 €

285.00 €

725.00 €

12” x 12”

11” x 14”

460.00 €

325.00 €

825.00 €

14” x 14”

12” x 16”

540.00 €

375.00 €

950.00 €

16” x 16”

12” x 18”

650.00 €

425.00 €

1,125.00 €

18” x 18”

16” x 20”

730.00 €

510.00 €

1,275.00 €

Dependent on your individual requirements extra furries/humans in the same portrait are charged at an additional 50% per subject & 25- 50% for complex backgrounds.

Please note, If you require more than one furry or human in a single portrait I am more than happy to do this however all subjects should ideally be in the same photo, or all photo references must have the same lighting and viewpoint.

For all commissions a deposit of 50% is required at the time of ordering, progress photos will be sent through the process for approval, when your painting is complete and you are happy, you will then be sent a request for the remaining 50% balance and any additional postal charges if due – once received, your painting is then carefully wrapped & sent/delivered.

Please contact me to chat about your painting.



I always like to ensure I have plenty of time available to dedicate to your painting and the above delivery times are as a general guideline - however this is dependent on the time of year and my commitments at the time, Please do contact me if you require a commission for a certain date and I will advise you if I have the necessary time available to complete your painting, I will always do my best to accommodate where possible :-)


There maybe additional taxes/import charges due if your painting is to be delivered outside of the EU, these are Country and value dependent, and will be confirmed to you at the time of ordering.


I do not frame my work as this is a very personal choice. The painting is therefore sent unframed, carefully wrapped and is safely protected with glassine paper, sandwiched in between two foam core boards for extra protection. If you would prefer your artwork framed please contact me directly and I will let you know if this is possible and the extra costs involved in framing and delivery charges.

I am happy to send your painting worldwide and offer free tracked delivery.


A little word about pastels...

Pastels are a wonderful medium chosen by many of the great masters of previous years, they are as close to pure pigment as possible and offer a depth of richness, colour and a softness unsurpassed, in my view, by any other medium.

Your portrait is an original pastel painting, which is a loose medium, the painting is NOT protected with any fixative as this dulls the colours, so please handle your work of art with care and do not touch the painting. To ensure that your painting lasts for many years to come your artwork should be mounted and framed under glass and kept out of direct sunlight.

A little word about watercolours...

Watercolours are a wonderful light and fun medium and I choose to use them in a loose and impressionistic way. I use a mixture of colours, some of which are affected by light and over time can lose some of their vibrancy, so to keep your painting as bright as possible over the years, your artwork should be mounted and framed under glass and kept out of direct sunlight. The painting is NOT protected with any fixative as this dulls and alters the colours, so please handle your work of art with care.


Due to copyright laws if I am painting directly from a photo, ie recreating that exact image, then you must either own the copyright to this photo ( ie you have taken it yourself) or have written permission from the photographer.


I will supply you with an original painting which is naturally yours to keep, however as the artist I retain all copyrights on any reproduction of the painting and the painting may not be reproduced in any way without prior written permission. I reserve the right to use a scan or photograph of the image to use for publicity & reproduction purposes.


Please do get in touch if you have a special request, or have any questions, are unsure about anything or just wish to chat to me before ordering, I am always happy to say hello & discuss your requirements.

Thank you & I look forward to hearing from you.

Debs x

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