I'm Debs Kay and welcome to Art with Love. They say that to be a successful artist that you should choose a very restricted genre and create a definite look that you always adhere to. … well that's not quite me - I have never lived my life that way :).....I have no formal training or any hold any awards for my art, but for me art is, as my life - not about perfection or an overload of rules & technicalities, it's about the knowing the basics and simply showing up - doing the best I can on any given day, growing and experiencing the joy of actually living & creating and with a bit of luck I'll create something you like to look at too :)

I simply love to paint, most often it is animals and our beautiful natural world that inspire me. My favourite medium is soft pastels as I love the richness and depth of colour that this medium brings, being so close to pure pigment. I also very much enjoy the lightness, fun and unpredictability of watercolours.

Each artist creates for different reasons, for me it is about expressing the little moments in life, - the ones that bring a smile to your face, peace to your mind, love to your heart and joy to your soul. When I create it helps me to connect to remember and appreciate those little moments – and the more I paint the more I see – so one day it might just be beautiful colours that inspire me, the look in a furry friends eye, or a snapshot of our natural world - I like to take my time when I paint and usually have several paintings on the go at any one time, choosing the one that draws me in that moment.

Wherever you are I feel having things around you that create a positive feeling, can only be a good thing, so in addition to my original art, I am delighted to have teamed up with a group of talented printers and craftsmen to be able to offer my art to a wider audience by offering high quality printed products.

My work life to date for the main has been a creative one spending many wonderful years in design of one form or another from interior design to tiaras & wedding gowns. In the last 15 years or so I have been creating logos & graphic designs for individuals & businesses around the world – Alongside this I have been creating commissioned pet portraits . As time has gone on I have been seduced more and more by simply pencils or paint on paper and am now on a journey to continue to improve upon my skills, experiment and grow as an artist.

Born and raised in England I have been lucky enough to live a varied, colourful and interesting life - spending many years experiencing and living in other countries, living alternative lifestyles and meeting so many beautiful souls around the world, be they human or animal. I a now fortunate enough to be living in and renovating a wonderful old mill in a beautiful part of rural France, with my ever loving and amazingly supportive husband and our rather large collection of furry friends, all of whom are my joy, my love and my inspiration

..... and so to the next chapter..... Debs Kay Art With Love. Thank you for looking, I hope that you enjoy what you see!

With love