just the two of us

"Creating Art Is An Intimate Journey, Sharing It, Is A Vulnerable One"

- Debs Kay -


I know that I often used watch artists who had really honed their craft and would create paintings that were perfect, seemingly just like that – I can remember going off being all inspired and yet most often end up being disappointed with my own efforts, not knowing where I went wrong or knowing anyone to get advice from along the way – I was also rather shy and somewhat embarrassed with my efforts so I didn't like the idea of a classroom format with loads of other students – I also wanted to paint from my own photos but was never really sure how or where to start and so if any of this sounds familiar and you like the idea of some one to one virtual time with me I can now offer ….


If you have a painting that you have created or maybe you are stuck on one part way through & not sure where to go - I offer a narrated recorded critique service, where I offer you some constructive advise on how you might improve it, or suggestions on where to go from where you are at - All you need to do is send me a good quality, well lit, close up photo, of your painting and the photo reference that you used (or a link to it) - I will ask you a few questions on what you were hoping to achieve and then come back to you with my observations & suggestions

single painting

15 euros

2 paintings

25 euros

Please note: I am sure you will be keen to receive your critique as soon as possible and I do my best to come back to you within 5 working days, however there maybe occasions where due to my own commitments this may not be possible, if this is the case I will come back to you with a time frame, if this is not suitable for you, I will of course offer you a full refund